Get a free Giffgaff Sim

This simple steps will allow you to unlock Huawei Wireless Pointer / Huawei E583C to any network worldwide from Your Home / Office



PSAS Software works only with Windows OS (xp, vista, 7)  ***download from here***

Huawei client unlocking software ***download from here***

Huawei E583C Wireless Manager- (whatever software that came with your modem, in order to recognise your modem on usb mode)

Step 1

Download and install program -> PSAS Software

Step 2

Change the sim card inside your modem to a diferent network sim card and connect to the computer with usb cable and install the software that come with your MiFi then close down the Mi-Fi software. Make Sure that you are not connected to the modem via wireless and the software that come with your Mi-Fi is not running, This step is only for instalation of the Huawei E583c drivers.

Step 3

Using PSAS to retrieve LOG File from your Huawei E583c


On PSAS main page you have tab menus, select the (1) "Hardware Forensics" menu tab and select "Use Mobile Port" this will open another PSAS program window for you (which is where all the magic happens)

In the new window:

on the "PORT SETUP" menu tab (which you are on already)just select the "Serial COM Port" (you need to choose the one that says that is your 3G Application Interface, not the one that says PC UI Interface whatever the COM Port), then select the "baud speed" (This varies depending on the computer speed and windows OS, default speed is 115200), and thats all you have to do for the setup menu tab. Next go to the (2) "DIAG Port (QC)" menu tab and click on (3) "send" this should now show some numbers on the open space box below, On the 'Diag Functions box' (box below the "send" button box) you wanna select (4) "Read EFS" instead of Save memory to file then tick (5) "Alternative Method" then on (6) "max page" type: 200 , then click (7) "lets go", this will ask you to save a file so just save file as E583C_yourebayid onto desktop ( file size is appox 300kb)


Send file to me via email to 3gmodem.unlock@gmail.com also inc. your ebay id or your payment ref /imei / model


If You haven't got ebay account you can buy unlock code here

after you make a payment please send a log file with payment reference to 3gmodem.unlock@gmail.com

 Trouble Shoot:
If the program crash or closed due to error: 
1) Adjust the Baud Rate speed to a higher or lower value to suit your PC.
2) Make sure you have a sim card on the E583c
3) Remove the battery and cable before try again
4) In PORT SETUP try adjust baud rate to 57600, then 115200 and 234000. Different PC have a different processor speed, choose the speed best suit your PC.

Unlocking Steps

  • Close PSAS and info reader software.
  • Plug your E583c modem into your computer with your different network SIM inserted.
  • Run Huawei client CardLock_Unlock Software.
  • You should see your device imei, enter the 8 digits unlock from me.
  • Click OK to send the unlock code to device, the E583C will reboot to display the new network.



Make sure the Mobile Connect software is closed, otherwise you'll get the following error message:

Note: If you get the message " data card not found ", please check you have installed the usb driver that is stored on your device and the Mobile connect software is OFF.



Type in your broswer log in to admin page then go to:

Settings - > Dial-up -> Unlock SIM card -> and enter the 8 digits unlock from me.

Click OK to send the unlock code to device, the E583C will reboot to display the new network.


that's all now your device is unlocked to any network ;)


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